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BISC SIG in Anticipation


The purpose of this SIG is to research soft computing to better understand and apply anticipatory mechanisms. This BISC-SIG is dedicated to the investigation of the ways in which computation with perception, in particular, implementation of computation involving precisiated natural language (PNL), granularity, and definability can support computations having anticipatory characteristics. Quantum computation and DNA computation will also preoccupy the members of this BISC-SIG. Since the mind is the model for soft computing and the locus of anticipatory processes, it is only normal that this BISC-SIG will focus on mind processes. Members of this SIG will integrate soft computing means and methods with the aim of better understanding the role and function of anticipation.


Areas of application: transaction mechanisms and methods, knowledge acquisition, molecular biology, risk assessment, human-computer interaction. Research themes in which soft computing and/or anticipation can together make a difference:


a) Navigation, e.g., in automotive industry

b) Search engines with anticipatory features

c) Fuzzy controllers with anticipatory features

d) Transaction optimization mechanisms

e) Risk evaluation/Homeland security


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